Are You Overspending On A Funeral?

Did you know that the cemetery is actually separate from a Funeral Home? It’s okay if you don’t because most people don’t realize this. Most cemeteries are owned by large corporate organizations and many have Funeral Homes located on the grounds of the cemetery. Often times this gives the impression that the Funeral Home is a package deal when you purchase your cemetery plots.

Overspending on a Funeral

In addition, many of those Funeral Homes charge a CONSIDERABLE amount more than many other options out there. On many occasions, families have mentioned, “I own my plots at XYZ cemetery so I guess I have to use their Funeral Home.” However, this in fact is not the case.

When death occurs, it is the responsibility of the Funeral Home to make the necessary arrangements with family, Rabbi, and the cemetery in order to properly take care of the family. Whether the Funeral Home is located on the cemetery property or it’s located miles away doesn’t make a difference as to whether or not the services are completed in a seamless manner.

Same Funeral for Less Money

Not only are the Jewish funeral services comparable regardless of the location of the Funeral Home, but the products are virtually the same. There are a limited number of casket manufacturers out there and every funeral home has access to the same quality merchandise as the other. Often times your “higher end” Funeral Homes will try to justify their outrageous costs claiming they use only the best when in fact, they are probably selling the same merchandise as the Funeral Home down the street that is charging several thousand dollars less.

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In order to help make a better decision consider pre-planning your funeral service. There are many benefits to doing this including locking in your costs and having the difficult decisions taken care of in advance. This really gives you the best opportunity to shop around to make sure you are doing what’s best for you and your family.

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